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  5. "את בלמית או חלוצה?"

"את בלמית או חלוצה?"

Translation:Are you a defender or a forward?

June 22, 2016



-> when you are a native hebrew speaker and you fail this one just because you are not interested and never seen soccer.


Or an American who doesn't know about any sport, so you need two translations.


I'm with you. I am American and I know NOTHING about soccer and this topic is killing me.


Well, that's what the entire rest of the world feels when it's about quarterbacks, short stops, miles, yards, cups or Fahrenheits. Just this once something is not US centric.

Also, people in Israel tend to talk more about football ("soccer") than handegg ("football").

My native language is not even English, and even though I'm European, I don't care about football. It's three words in this lesson, not a big deal.

I like how midfielders appear to be called "connecting ones" in Hebrew, as ק–ש–ר is usually about connecting and tying things. They are in the middle. They are a connection between the front and the back.

And forwards are "scouts". It's beautiful.


Yeah, this and the maths one were unfamiliar to me in English even!

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