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"הבמאית מצלמת סרט עם אפקטים רבים."

Translation:The director shoots a movie with many effects.

June 22, 2016



כל הכבוד למפיקי הקורס הזה - הם תרגמו את המשפט הקשה הזה לאנגלית בדיוק באופן הנכון!


no, actually as far as i know they aren't called effects, only special effects


Not minor. It has to be special effects here. Effects alone does not make sense. Maybe it's understood in the Hebrew but not in English. Sorry, but I think this translation is pretty bad, especially from Duolingo that wouldn't accept my translation for בריכה as "swimming pool," even though the sentence clearly was about a swimming pool. A בריכה is just a pool, if you mean a swimming pool you have to say בריכת שחייה. Anyway, a movie does not have effects in English even if it has אפקטים in Hebrew. In English, a movie has "special effects. "


Regarding shooting or filming a movie, I want comments on contrasts regarding:

A. להסרית

B. לצלם



ll להסריט means to shoot a movie (סרט), לצלם is to shoot either a video or still photos. With regard to shooting films, לצלם is much more common even though it's less specific.

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