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Words for time

In Polish, you say wieczorem for in the evening, rano for in the morning, południu for in the afternoon and zimą for in the Winter. Can someone make or find a list of similar Expressions about seasons, times of the day, days and months? It is a bit hard to know whether you use a preposition, which preposition you should use or which case you should use. Thank you!

June 22, 2016



Let's think:

Time of day:

  • o świcie - at dawn

  • rano - in the morning

  • przed południem - before noon

  • w południe - at noon

  • po południu - in the afternoon

  • pod wieczór - 'close to the evening', late afternoon

  • o zmierzchu - at dusk

  • wieczorem - in the evening

  • przed północą - before midnight

  • o północy - at midnight

  • po północy - after midnight


Może jeszcze "nad ranem"?


Yup, and also "o poranku", but it's hard for me to precise what exact time that is and how (if it is) it's different from "rano".


"nad ranem" this is time when night not finished yet but few minutes later sun will be rise. "o poranku"or "rankiem" is first few minutes when sun rised. Another polish name for this part of the day is "o świcie". Very offten when sun rises we use "już świta"

This is easy for explain.


I'd also add "z samego rana" meaning "(first thing) in the morning", lit. "the very morning"


Note that some of these are often paired with wczesny = early or późny = late, e.g. wczesnym popołudniem, późnym wieczorem.


Days of week:

  • w poniedziałek - on Monday

  • we wtorek - on Tuesday

  • we środę - on Wednesday

  • w czwartek - on Thursday

  • w piątek - on Friday

  • w sobotę - on Saturday

  • w niedzielę - on Sunday

  • w weekend - on the weekend



  • wiosną / na wiosnę - in spring

  • latem / w lecie - in summer

  • jesienią / na jesieni - in autumn

  • zimą / w zimie - in winter

Not sure if both options would suit every context, that needs some more thinking.


Jest Ok z wyjątkiem zimy. "w zimie" jeżdżę na sankach. Robię przetwory "na zimę".


Przyjmuję, poprawiam.



  • w styczniu - in January

  • w lutym - in February

  • w marcu - in March

  • w kwietniu - in April

  • w maju - in May

  • w czerwcu - in June

  • w lipcu - in July

  • w sierpniu - in August

  • we wrześniu - in September

  • w październiku - in October

  • w listopadzie - in November

  • w grudniu - in December

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