"The boy does not see a way."

Translation:הילד לא רואה דרך.

June 22, 2016

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Pronunciation: Hayeled loh Roeh dereCH.


It frustrates me how the app doesn't let me hear the pronunciation after a written answer. Thank you for this


Some times I can't hear the "רו" in רואה after לא. Or is it just me?


He doesn't see a way things can go wrong, so he's fortunate.

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    The word עני means "poor" as in without money. What you probably meant to say is מסכן /miskén/ to mean poor, in the sense of being pitied.


    How is דרך pronounced?


    do you speak spanish? it would be derej :)


    Maybe the boy should do teshuvah.


    I am confused why Duolingo introduces brand new words and does not read them to you so brand new speakers like me can hear them. Like "way".


    In the answers it has both the feminine and masculine verbs accepted?

    הילד לא רואה דרך., הילד לא רואֶה דרך.

    I don't understand this.


    Here, רואה can be either masculine (roe) or feminine (roa). The spelling is the same. The dots on רואֶה indicates that it is the masculine form. But these dots are not usually used, so the gender of רואה can only be determined from context.


    But it accepts "רואה" (roa) with niqqud as correct as well. Why?


    The word bank offers the choice of רואה without niqqud (which can be either masculine or feminine), and the masculine form רואֶה, and the feminine form רואָה. If you found that it accepted the feminine form as correct, then you ought to report it as an error. When I tried that, it did NOT say that I was correct, it told me that I had a typo.


    Why is לא spelled like that? Why not with Vav instead?


    The spelling with niqud is לֹא. Hopefully you can see the dot above and between the lamed and the aleph. That's what makes the "o" sound.


    With a vav, לו it means "to him"


    He does not see the way ClucK


    How do I get a hebrew keyboard ? Is it built into the system?


    I thought you needed a double negative


    הילד לא רואה את הדרך משפט זה אינו תחבירי


    אלה משפטים שונים:

    הילד לא רואה דרך - The boy doesn't see a way

    הילד לא רואה את הדרך - The boy doesn't see the way


    Does anyone else type letters that then disappear so you get dinged for a wrong answer?!


    I was taught that דרך meant 'path' growing up (jewish:so probably old hebrew) but it just drives me insane that its translated to 'way' here.


    Well דרך can mean a physical path you walk on, a route, a road and it can mean a metaphorical road - a way. There's no need to go insane because of a correct translation.


    I still don't know when to use this little dots under the א


    The three dots (called segol) are used when the verb is masculine. However, in modern Hebrew, nikud is not really used, and they only appear in this course to help us distinguish between the two possibilities. Since here the verb is unambiguously masculine, because of the subject, nikud is not used.


    How do answer the translation questions if i don't have a Hebrew keyboard? I keep trying to do transliteration but I'm getting all wrong answers and losing all my hearts!


    You can't do transliteration, you need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself! You can do that in the language settings of your device. Or you can use a virtual keyboard.

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