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  5. "We became models."

"We became models."

Translation:הפכנו לדוגמנים.

June 22, 2016



why is 'we' not included in the translation?


In Hebrew you can say the sentence with or without אנחנו and have the same meaning

If it didn't accept you should report


In Hebrew, it is very common to omit the pronouns because the verbs change in specific ways depending on the pronoun in question.

He walked - הוא הלך

She walked - היא הלכה

They walked - הם הלכו

We walked - אנחנו הלכנו

I walked - אני הלכתי

notice that in English the pronoun is key because the verb doesn't change. In Hebrew it changes based on the pronoun, so the pronoun can be omitted to save time (most people omit the pronouns in day to day conversation)


Thanks to you both. Unfortunately I can't report the sentence from here but only if I see it again.

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