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"Nói chung, bảo tàng này không lớn."

Translation:To conclude, this museum is not big.

June 22, 2016



Generally, the size of buildings does not change?


I could understand Generally museums are not big, or This museum is not big, but the sentence given does not make sense


Is LON being used as a synonym for Popular here?


That might explain it. Another sentence used lon to refer to a punishment as big, in the "severe" sense, so it's possible it doesn't mean the literal size of the building in this one.


I asked about this...and I think the translation of "noi chung" is wrong....I think it's used like we use "to sum up..." or "So, in a word..."

So, to sum up, this museum is not big.

(Maybe...."To draw a general conclusion, this museum is not big.")


In my opinion, I interpret "nói chung" as "generally speaking". At this point, we all know "nói" = "speak". As for the other half, "chung" = "together". I think "chung" is more commonly used by southerners (I'm totally basing this off of the dialect my family and I speak).

That said, I would translate this sentence as "Generally speaking, this museum is not big". Maybe the DL team thought "generally" was good enough to pass as "nói chung"? Just thought I'd add my two cents.


but "Generally speaking, this museum is not big" doesn't really make sense in English...


I know, but I was just trying to make it fit with what the DL team made. There's also the lack of context too. Maybe they meant to say "Generally speaking, this museum is not considered big"? Just musing.


Speaking to my Viet friend...she says this sentence is fine...but I can't work out why!!! Vietnamese must use USUALLY differently from English...


The sentence is fine in Vn not in English


"Nói chung" here doesn't mean "generally", but more likely an ending signal to the topic. (Please see Tips & Notes)

I feel like "To conclude" is a quite off here, so does anyone have a suggestion?


How about, "overall"?


I typed large instead of big and it was incorrect. Confused. Big/Lon has zero acceptable synonyms maybe.

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