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female voice too low (Hebrew course)

In the new Hebrew course, the male voice is loud and clear. The female voice, on the other hand, is a bit too low and sometimes difficult to understand (for a native speaker). Can the volume level of the female voice be increased?

Great Job!

June 22, 2016



Yeah, I noticed that too.


And I did as well! Sometimes she's mumbling so badly, it sounds like she's saying something else. And if I think it's a problem, then it is a problem, because I've been speaking Hebrew since the age of 3


this is still a problem in the "Prep. 1" lesson.


try turning up the volume, love Louis


Male voice? Female voice? By now I am half way through the tree, but I haven't encountered any voices yet. I just thought this course was completely without audio! ... So I wouldn't mind some of it, even though the volume would be "a bit too low and sometimes difficult to understand".


Dude, that's probably a bug. There's voice starting from lesson 1 (but only for complete sentences, not for single words).


Well, that's very strange indeed! Maybe this is one of those occasions where Duolingo is experimenting with different versions, and I just drew the short straw, or maybe it is - as you said - just another bug. Anyhow, thanks for your quick response.


There still doesn't seem to be a fix 4 years later. Any chance of that happening?

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