"I am trying to talk!"

Translation:Próbuję rozmawiać!

June 22, 2016

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What's the difference between "rozmawiać" and "mówić"?


"Rozmawiać" is to have a conversation with someone, "mówić" is simple "talk", it can be to someone, it can be to yourself.


Thank you very much!! I really appreciate that you always answer my questions :)


So why is "próbuję mówić" marked as incorrect here? That would be the intention I want to convey if I have a coughing fit, for example.


I guess that Duo wants to learn a mandatory sentence if you happen to have a bureaucratic issue in Poland. The employee will just talk over you like a broken record and this is how you can try to shut them up.


What is the difference between Spróbuję and Próbuję? Does Spróbuję exist?


Yes, but it means "I will try", it's Future Tense.

"spróbuję" comes from the perfective verb "spróbować", "próbuję" comes from the perfective verb "próbować". It is impossible to use a perfective verb in the Present Tense, because it refers to a point when you finish doing something, and this cannot be an action in the Present Tense. This means that a form that a learner expects to be Present Tense is actually Future Tense.


How would 'Staram się mówić' be translated (if it is correct Polish)?


Hmmm... it's grammatically correct, but as a sentence, it's weird. "Staram się zawsze mówić prawdę" (I try to always tell the truth) makes sense. "Staram się to powiedzieć" (I'm trying to say that) is understandable as "I have problems finding words to convey that message). But "Staram się mówić" does not make much sense to me... Then on the other hand, "Próbuję mówić" is accepted right now. I shall discuss this with the others.

EDIT: Well, we're going to accept it, but please have in mind what I wrote ;) It's so general that it's just strange.


Is staram się more like "i am attempting"?


Sounds like a good translation (I wouldn't say better though) of "staram się" or "próbuję", but does it really suit the sentence? I can imagine "I am attempting to have a conversation", but "I am attempting to talk"?


No, you're right, it's not a good translation for this sentence but this sentence uses "próbuję" in the Polish version rather than "staram się". I think that "I'm trying" is the best translation for this exercise but that "I'm attempting" would be possibly a better translation for the phrase "staram się" based on how you were describing it's use. Does that make sense?


Hmm... maybe a bit better indeed, but I wouldn't pay much attention to that difference.

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