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All my medals and lessons have been deleted since i tried the new russian option

all i can see is the english for russian speakers option and i can't switch languages anymore. please fix this.

January 30, 2014

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Nothing disappears, just in our course interface you can see only the results of the courses for Russian speakers. At least for a while it is so. As soon as you change the interface you can see your other achievements. But yeah, when it happens and you think you lost all your progress, that is shocking :)))


yeah, im just glad to have all my medals back :)


Forwarded to the tech team. Hopefully we'll find out what's up. All of my Russian progress has disappeared as well.


found the way back, i went to settings and switched to "learn german for english speakers" and got all my old medals back.


Well, the thing is that my skills that I tested out of this morning disappeared as well. So, I just want to make sure these cases are not related.

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