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  5. "She comes."

"She comes."

Translation:היא באה.

June 22, 2016



When I translated this sentence Duolingo told me it was "almost correct" and showed me the correct answer. However, I can't see the difference between what I typed and what is correct. Can someone explain it to me? Or is it a problem I need to report? (Screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/VXpABSF.png)


Did you use an apostrophe instead of the letter י? י & ' look the same but are different


Honestly, I wasn't sure, so I went back to it again and made sure I used yod -- I got the same result; it says it's "almost correct" but my answer looks identical to me.


In the screenshot it is an apostrophe. If you tried again and it was definitely a yod, then I don't know why, maybe a problem.


I ran into the same problem with the "almost correct." The "h" key on the keyboard appears to be the yod, and the "w" key the apostrophe, unless I'm mistaken. Hope this helps!

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