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  5. "אני שותֶה בקבוק מיץ."

"אני שותֶה בקבוק מיץ."

Translation:I am drinking a bottle of juice.

June 22, 2016



"Juice bottle" is not an acceptable translation? It's a little weird but it's parallel to "water bottle" which was in an earlier question.


It sounds very awkward and I don't think that's considered good form in English. You're basically saying you're drinking the bottle, instead of drinking the juice.


Can't argue with that. You might be the first to coin "juice bottle," though, so it hasn't made its way into common English.


So there is no word for "of"? If someone asked me for a bottle of water I would give them something different than if they asked me for a water bottle. Technicalities, I know, but I am a grammar person. :D


I put in I drink bottled juice. I would like to see that as an accepted answer because it is the correct English answer.


That's what I put as well. Without a word separating "בקבוק" and "מיץ" it's not very intuituve to say anything other than "bottled juice" unless there's a different word for "bottled."


Is there a word in Hebrew for a juice box?


Yes you can use it, but it sounds weird in whatever language. It actually means you are drinking the bottle, which isn't possible. You drink the fluid that's in it.


Why is "I drink bottled juice" wrong?


Where's the "of" in tbe Hebrew?

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