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  5. "הסוסה הולכת."

"הסוסה הולכת."

Translation:The horse is walking.

June 22, 2016



So, am I correct in believing this is specifically a female horse? Because horse as a single word came up as סוס I think.


Yes, ‘סוּסָה’ = “mare”.


you could also tell by the verb. הולכת is the feminine form (אני הולכת, את הולכת, היא הולכת), and הולך is the masculine equivalent.


Thanks a lot by the information.


Yes, the ה at the end indicates it is a female horse


Excellent, nice to know :D תודה !


Why are there always s.f or s.m if we can't use them in translation?


I am a bit frustrated with Duo in Hebrew. I just had to translate an animal that I was never really presented. I had seen it besides other animals, but never had to choose it, and then without the chance to check with hovering, I had to type סוס in Hebrew. It worked, but it reassured me that I am right with my impression that sometimes I am never even presented with words that I should learn in a lesson. Sometimes they appear for the first time when I strenghten the lesson. It seems like the algorythm for Hebrew is not quite mature yet. By the way: I would have loved to report this right in the exercise concerned, but I didn't have the option. So I ticked the only thing there was to tick: "The picture doesn't match the something I can't remember". It would be nice to have the chance to give feedback for every example, not just some.


The Hebrew reads: הסוסה


Should'nt the English translation be changed to "The mare is walking." "הסוסה הולכת." The verbs indicate the gender, ie "mare" And not as it currently is "The horse is walking" "הסוס הולך."


That's exactly my question! Why is "mare" in the English translation not accepted although the Hebrew form סוסה is a female form ??


Well, I accidentally tapped the wrong word when I knew what it was. That let to the wrong, yet hilarious “The horse is duck“


Some of the sentences we create by accident are even weirder than those we study hahaha


That is a ridiculous amount of languages you have at least dabbled in. I am truly impressed!


:D thanks! I am a bit of a language magpie - ooh, shiny 8-o I only claim any kind of competence in Russian, French, Hebrew and Esperanto (well besides English), and goodness knows I still make fistfuls of errors in those depending on the day.

But... I'm incapable of not trying a language (especially when it's offered for free :3), and that goes double for Slavic languages, so I'm a serial dabbler. Hebrew has taken most of my energy for a while now, but I dip in and out of others.


"I "only" claim language competence in 5 languages. " Is still an impressive thing to state, so good on you.

I am actually going to try to dabble in some languages, just for fun and for having a broad general knowledge.

I had Latin in school (of which I remember a small bit), speak German natively and am fluent in English so when reading I can get the gist of Esperanto, currently learning Hebrew.

I did also dabble a small bit in conlanging for some roleplay stuff, but studying math just eats up your time ^^'


I have a new emoticon for someone wearing glasses. הסוסה


"הסוסה אולכת." Which translates as: "The horse eats/is eating." There is no option for 'walking'.


Mare. ,סוסה is mare not horse. There is a word for many female animals on English. Duo wont let us use some of them because they can be used as insults by idiots

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