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  5. "אני אוכל עוגה."

"אני אוכל עוגה."

Translation:I eat a cake.

June 23, 2016



Is there any difference in pronunciation between "או" and "עו" at the start of the word? They both sound like oo to my untutored ear.


In standard modern Hebrew they are the same.


Yes, some (probably older) Mizrahim still pronounce ע in a different from א - but most of the speakers pronounce it in the same way. However - yes, there is a difference between the עו in עוגה and the או in אוכל. (please, Hebrew, don't mess up the languages) עוגה is pronounced /oogah/, and אוכל is pronounced /okhel/. This is because that vav can make a /v/ sound, and /u/ sound or an /o/ sound.


The explanations in the beginning of my comment are a response for BruceF. He meant to say that there is no pronunciation differences between ע and א, NOT that עו in עוגה and או in אוכל are pronounced the same way. /oogah/ and /okhel/.


Is the Hebrew pronunciation correct? I hear 'ani halooga'. I cannot hear אוכל pronounced at all.


Ani okhel oogah


I got it wrong when i did ע instead of א does that make sense?

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