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Suggestion: teach words *in image exercises* with nikud

Hello Hebrew team!

You're course has been an absolute delight so far. One issue I've discovered, though, is that given the lack of audio in image exercises, I'm left wondering how to pronounce new words.

I'm taught that מטבח means "kitchen", but I say to myself,

is this "matvach"? "mitbacha"? "metabach?"

turns out, none of the above (it's "mitbach")

If we had nikud for each word in those exercises, we could know how to pronounce them without needing to visit wiktionary.org or Forvo.

I'd like to hear what other people think of this.



June 23, 2016



I agree. I can't learn words without nikkud or audio. One other site you could try is http://www.morfix.co.il/en - you type a Hebrew word and it will not only show you the translation (should you need it) but it will also show it fully pointed, so it will give you the result of מטבח as מִטְבָּח.


I agree. To easily understand the beginning content, we need nikkud. Eventually, by the second or 3rd branch, nikkud should start to become less common.

Without nikkud for newbies, people are constantly going to pronounce things wrong, and listening excersizes are extra annoying.

I know that nikkud are a drag on you once you advance, but hey - they're better than playing guess-the-vowel.


I don't mind having no nikud for most exercises, but without audio for the "select a picture" exercises, I feel completely lost.


I haven't gotten up to that unfortunately, but I can understand your frustration. It's hard for us beginners!


In general I like the lack of nikkud, but I agree they would be beneficial in the image exercises! I'd rather they stay with the plene version elsewhere, but I can definitely see the pros for those pesky pick the word ones.

(I always seem to forget the nikkud the second I leave the page, so I'm not sure how much they'd benefit me personally, but that's my issue/laziness! I use the image exercises as practice in guesswork and then compare with the audio when it appears.)


Yeap, the missing audio for individual words makes this type of learning-a-word-for-the-first-time useless.


I agree - new words need either nikkkud or audio - it's very hard to remember a word when we can't tell how it's pronounced.

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