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Idea for the Duolingo store

Wouldn't it be cool if there was the option to buy a little statue once you've finished a tree? I know I would buy them. It's a literal trophy for all of the work that you've put in. The price could be, like, $5 maybe?

Also, how about printable certificates for finishing the tree? We don't have those currently, but it wouldn't be too hard to implement.

What do you think? Upvote if you want this to happen as bad as me!

June 23, 2016



I like the statue idea, maybe have two types, one that is a little Duo owl with the appropriate scarf around his neck which can sit proudly on your desk and the other a bit larger in size made of that 'stress release' rubbery plastic so you can squeeze it or throw it against the wall when the going gets tough ;)


If I could be entitled to buy one such owl for a tree completed, I would have a pretty line-up of the lovely mascots. That would be very nice on my desk.


Yeah a printable certificate would really really be a good idea, thanks for suggesting it i hadn't even thought of it. But i could put that up on the wall in our house and give some credit to Duolingo! so lets make it a nice looking one! :)


Yeah, I 2nd that!


Yeah, I 3rd that!


I 4th that totally!!!


I love that idea! I agree we should have this!!!

[deactivated user]

    I love the printable certificate idea! Maybe with an option to print it yourself for free, or pay a little something to get it printed and mailed it to you.


    I don't think they would want a printable certificate as this would undercut the Test Center.

    Even for languages not in the Test Center, it would cause brand confusion - it would make it harder to get those that are in the Test Center, to be accepted.


    No it wouldn't be that official. Just a commemorative reminder of all the hard work you have put in to learn a language. We aren't looking at something that we could use to get a certain job somewhere.


    Perhaps if it didn't have your name on it.

    "Congratulations on completing your tree" or something similar.

    Anything with your name might look like a certificate and cause confusion.

    It would only take a small number of people using them this way to cause problems.


    Just for fun I made a sample diploma feel free to add your suggestions.


    IMO bad idea. For few reasons. Here you have two major issues: -Selling stuff is troublemaker, you need to find way to provide statue to every place in the world. Good luck! -Printable certificates? Hell no, Duo is trying to become major certification centre, cheaper then others and more accessibly for people from poor/developing countries. "Pay 50USD [if I am not wrong] and get certification". Free certification would make unnecessary confusion.


    I understand where you are coming from and you are right. But anyone with access to Duolingo could download these and print them out. And they wouldn't be a certificate of fluency, but merely a commemorative reminder of the part Duolingo played in your language learning journey. By no means are we saying that by finishing the tree are we fluent in another language but this would be the certificate you would get after you finish the tree.


    Do you mean lingot store?


    Oh I didn't know there was an actual duolingo store. But that duolingo store is a GEAR store. If you wanted statues and certificates I think that should be in the lingot store.

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