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Are our translations actually used?

When I signed up for Duolingo I liked the idea of "translating the web," "real-world translations." But so many of them have past dates on them - fashion reviews from 2008, like that. So clearly those aren't going from our hands to the web! My question is, are any of our translations actually used on the websites they came from?

January 29, 2013



Hello? I echo the question.

I just waded through a bit of a boring (to me) document & ended up wondering...why did I start this?...should have picked something easier. If I knew it were to be used, I would be more motivated.


I'd wager they're just using them for testing and demonstration purposes right now. But anyway, the web's been around for a loooong time. Just because a piece of work is a couple years old doesn't mean people won't want to read it someday. :)

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