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" con chim cuối cùng của tôi."

Translation:It is my last bird.

June 23, 2016



how does cuối cùng differ from cuối by itself? cuối essentially refers to the end of something cuối tuần, cuối đường. So would cuối con chim của tôi make sense?


'cuối cùng' is more like 'the last thing/last time of a series of something' , whereas 'cuối ' can also mean the end part of something. Adding 'cùng' kinda clarifies it a bit. You can also say 'con chim cuối của tôi' but it's more informal


I am curious how one knows the order in this sentence as I put "của tôi cuối cùng" and it was incorrect?


Cuối cùng is like an adjective, so it should go right after the noun. Although, it should go before any possession like của


The order of the modifiers after a noun is: attributives -> demonstratives -> possessives. Unfortunately Duolingo at the moment doesn't actively teach these grammar rules, so you have to look somewhere else to understand them.


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