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  5. "האמא אוהבת חלב ולחם."

"האמא אוהבת חלב ולחם."

Translation:The mom likes milk and bread.

June 23, 2016



This sentence would be more accurate as: האמא אוהבת יין


Where's the English "t" sound coming from?


The word 'אוהבת'. The letter at the end, tav, ('ת') makes the 't' sound.


The Hebrew Duolingo course on Memrise is exactly what you are looking for. It covers individual words specific to this course.


I don't think this is going to work unless I can learn the alphabet elsewhere. Some of the letters change sounds depending on their place in the word, and it's too confusing to learn this way.


Try to learn Alef-Bet on Memrize. It was helpful for me.


I grew up watching old VHS tapes of the Hebrew Sesame Street, Rachov Sumsum (Shalom Sesame), gotta be from the 80's but it looks like they have a YouTube channel now you can check out and they've updated things, so hopefully it helps!


Please ignore the stupid username- it seemed like a good idea at the time


Does the ח in חלב sometimes sound more like "ha" than "kha"? I had a hard time hearing it in this.


No. ח is always kh.


Level 8 already?!?!?!


I wrote "the mom loves milk and bread" and got this wrong?! Lame. And when I'm trying the timed quiz for the first time. Kind of deflating and confusing when you are learning something new and after getting something right being told you are wrong : ( I just found out however how small and grassroots your team is. So congratulations on a really great program!!! Tweeks are needed here and there and I hope this one gets fixed : )

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