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"מינוס אחת חלקי מינוס אחת שווה אחת."

Translation:Negative one divided by negative one equals one.

June 23, 2016



Do any other Americans say "negative one" and not "minus one" because the term "minus" is used for subtractions?


Yes, something like "zero minus one equals negative one," i.e. minus for the operation of subtraction and negative for the numeral itself


Yes, that's the definitely the prevailing use.


Also, 'equals' and 'is' is used interchangeably in English. 1 plus 1 is 2. 1 plus 1 equals 2. Same thing in English.


"-1 divided by -1 is 1 was rejected."

I don't know anyone that writes the words out for this sort of thing. It is inefficient.

How did this escape beta testing?


It's Duolingo's policy to only accept numbers written out. I've seen this in multiple courses.


Not entirely true. Every course accepts writing numbers in your base language. This was rejected probably because nobody reported it as a possible correct solution.


Or maybe because it ignores punctuation, so it read ngarrang's sentence as "1 divided by 1"


type in the correct solution: divived


I got that also: DL telling me I had a typo with "divided." I had to laugh. But I am reporting it to them so they can clean it up


minus should also be acceptable here


mínus achát chelkéy mínus achát shavé achát.


Got tired of typing wordy numbers so I wrote “-1/-1=1.” It was accepted, but labeled as a typo.

The “correct solution”? “-1=1.” Now that’s a good trick.


What is the difference between מינוס and פחות? I only had the choice of "minus" for both entries.


I may be wrong about this, but I think מינוס means the "minus" sign, i.e. it's like saying "negative" before the number; on the other hand פחות literally means "less", so it's like when we say "subtract" or "take away". We also tend to say "minus" for that in English, as well as saying "it's minus three outside" on a cold day.


Mobile version allows me to use the word negative once but marks it wrong. In this context negative is preferable to the word minus.


Full answer already given in mobile version

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