"They want an orange."

Translation:הן רוצות תפוז.

2 years ago



Why can't I say: Hem rozim tapuz? Wouldn't that be the masculine form?

1 year ago

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you would be totally right הן רוצות תפוז and הם רוצים תפוז are written the same in English

6 months ago


why not "at" and a "hee" in front of orange?

(thanks so much for this course, i'm volunteering in a kibbutz and it helpes a lot. postponing my ulpan :))

2 years ago

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Because you're not talking about a specific item such as "they want THE orange", in which case you put "at" and a "h" before orange. Instead, it's more general such as "they want AN orange"

2 years ago


So why is it not, "Hen rozot aht tepuz?"

10 months ago


"Tapuz" תַּפּוּז is indeterminate, you use אֶת only, when it is "the orange".

4 months ago
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