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"La strada va verso la piazza."

Translation:The road goes towards the square.

January 30, 2014



Why not "The street leads to the plaza"?


in a previous answer, "piazza" was given as "public square". I used "public square" for piazza in this answer and it was counted as wrong. Inconsistent.


I'm studying the german course and it happens there as well. Indeed, are there non public squares ? Private squares, interesting.


I think the adjective is there to specify that the square is for the public (the people), not a geometric figure or the second power of a number or something like that


Disgusted with DLs inconsistency.


Goes towards, runs towards, what is the difference? Both are acceptable in English.


Streets don't run, but they can go/lead to a place.


MY LAST NAME IS PIAZZA!!...........i will never forget the italian word for square


Exactly, in previous question I used plaza for "piazza" and it was counted as correct. WR says plaza is a translation of piazza.


In English we call them plazas as in Queens Plaza!


Her intensity in this one upset me


How are we to differentiate between "road" and "street". It seems to me that in Italian there are so many words that mean the same thing the it is a lucky dip which is correct, according to whoever. I am not a literary professor and I don't fully understand why, with no one apparently qualified, to answer queries of this nature. I am learning as a child would learn by hearing and seeing not by 'high faluting' parsing, analysis and maybe derivations. Get with it DL or I'm gone to find someone who recognizes that some words mean the same as others, like paese means country or town.


Why not "The street runs to the plaza"? Perfectly acceptable in English.


Does anyone know why it is verso rather than versa?


To mark 'street' wrong and 'road' correct is just plain nonsense and rather typical of a what happens sometimes when you are being taught by a computer program. However sophisticated, it will sometimes be wrong.


ok so first time i translated as the street leads to the square and it was 'wrong' second time I translated as 'The street goes toward the square' and that is somehow right. Go figure


The road doesn't move. You follow it, so it leads to someplace.


Why is piazza here just square? In another exercise it wasn't approved, had to write public square.

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