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  5. "Su yeterince sıcak değil."

"Su yeterince sıcak değil."

Translation:The water is not hot enough.

June 23, 2016



What is the difference between yeterince and yeterli?


Yeterli - Enough & sufficient. I have tried as have other learners to get Duo to accept "suffice." I have noted that other fluent English natives (me too) have used suffice & it has been rejected in English translation answers by Duo. "Yeter" -ince. Yeter is the (root) word. Yeterince - (adverb) This topic is on adverbs. Just encountered this word & it means: Yeterince - enough (adjective) & yeterince - sufficient (adverb) The word "yeterince" therefore is in two word classes.

"Su yeterince sıcak değil." Translation: The water is not hot enough.

In the context of this question it is used between water & hot.
It is used as an adjective as the adverb is at the end of the Turkish question - (değil) (Adverb) - değil.

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