"The content is good, but it is too short."

Translation:התוכן טוב, אבל הוא קצר מדי.

June 23, 2016

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Why isn't it "התוכן טוב, אבל זה קצר מדי"? it is talking about an "it" (the content), not a "he" (person/specific)


I think התוכן טוב, אבל זה קצר מדי should be accepted, but it means a slightly different thing. Bare in mind there is no neuter in Hebrew. When referring back to a noun, we don't use זה as a translation for "it", we use either הוא or היא depending on the grammatical gender of the noun, in this case תוכן is male and therefore הוא קצר מדי. If you say זה קצר מדי you mean: the whole thing, the general something. If I asked you: how is the presentation that I made? You could say: התוכן טוב. אבל זה קצר מדי! Two unconnected comments, where "זה" doesn't refer to the content, but to "this general thing of a presentation". I hope this explains it... :-P


in hebrew there isn't realy a literal translation for "it" in this context, i mean, there is no difference between people and objects... in this context saying "זה" is like saying "this".


Copula usage : comparing a noun with a noun A pug is a dog. As opposed to A pug is cute. I think a copula is used also with construct chains. True???


Why is it wrong to say התוכן הוא טוב, etc.


It's not wrong, but the copula is not needed here and the sentence doesn't sound great with it (because of the double הוא in ...התוכן הוא טוב אבל הוא)


Why is מדי after the קצר? Too short


אבל...it sounds spooky

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