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  5. "הילדה רואָה."

"הילדה רואָה."

Translation:The girl sees.

June 23, 2016



The girl is seeing? - This was marked as incorrect.


Should be correct..


I agree, but you wouldn't want to mix up ‘The girl sees the boy.’ and ‘The girl is seeing the boy.’. Unlike with most verbs in English, there is a difference here (beyond the usual difference in aspect).


that's English that developed some 'narrowed' meaning to the word 'seeing' - we are translating from Hebrew to English not vice versa therefore both answers (and a few more I can think of) should be correct.
And your objection applies to only one situation (relationship) not to general meaning. In that short phrase we have to translate there is no boy, man or another girl - or anybody else.


When you are translating into English, you have to keep in mind the narrow meaning that is possible. The person that cautioned us obviously knows Hebrew and that the meaning of the Hebrew is not the narrow meaning of the English "she is seeing the boy"


Hi! How do you pronounce רואָה? Thanks

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In a formal context you pronounce it as "Ro'a", with a glottal stop. However, usually it's pronounced "Roa", without any interruption between the two vowels.

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you're welcome :)


Ro'a, there's a glottal stop there.


Related question: how do I get the niqqudot on Google multilingual keyboard for Android? I answered without רואה and this was marked correct, as I suppose it might be, but I'd prefer to use niqqudot in my drill practice as an aide-mémoire.



I think that different devices have a different setup, so you would need to try and find them yourself. However, in the tips and notes, they say not to use nikkud in our answers, because the system recognizes them as separate letters, and will mark it as a mistake.


Is it just me, or does the ר sound like /v/ in this recording


Resh is pronounced like a French r


Semitic "r"-s should not sound like that.


I agree. The pronunciation sounds iffy


Why does the aleph require a vowel sign, and how can you type it?


the alph does not require a vowel sighn(Nikkud) if you know hebrew well. when you learn hebrew, you need this or else you can pronounce רואה as Ro'a, Ro'e Ro'i Ro'u and on and on. you can type it in word by add>sign>the vowel


why not the child sees


because the word "girl" is female word, and child isn't. they want you to get used to the idea of gender in the language..


The ו in רואה makes it present tense so the correct answers should be 'the girl sees' or 'the girl is seeing' but when I wrote the latter, it said I was incorrect and told me the first was right (which it still is). Can someone fix this, please? It might confuse some people who already know a bit of Hebrew and can give misinformation to people who are just starting out.


You should report it. Both answers should be correct


This can be an alternate translation of this sentence.


i don't undertand why we cannot translate by child instead of the girl


Because of gender. ילדה is a feminine word; child is neuter. While the masculine can, and often does, include the feminine, as in ילדים, a masculine form that includes girls as well as boys, ילדה is a strictly feminine form. This gender insistence is excluded by child.


After listening repeatedly, it still sounds like hayaldah oo-ah. The ר is totally indistinguishable.


Can't get the niqqudot on my android phone so it gets marked wrong and i lose a heart.

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