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  5. "הפעם אני כן רוקד!"

"הפעם אני כן רוקד!"

Translation:This time I do dance!

June 23, 2016



"this time i will dance" should be accepted as כן acts as an emphatic thing in this case


The issue may have to do with the tense, as I am told that Hebrew has a future tense.


I'd say, "This time I'm dancing" :)


It's implied that last time, one did not dance.


As a native English speaker, I can't imagine using the word "do" in this sentence without adding "a". This time I do a dance. Only a two-year old would say, "I do dance."


"This time I am dancing" / "This time I'm dancing" / "This time I do dance" the given solutions are incorrect.


Are you suggesting that "this time I am dancing" is a correct translation or an incorrect one?


my phrasing was odd, I meant all of them SHOULD be correct...


Thanks, I just wanted to confirm the sentence meant what I thought it did.


This time i will dance i think is the correct


I wrote: This time I am surely dancing.

Duo. marked it wrong. I pretty sure it's a good translation. Anyone disagree ... why?


I like your version: "This time I am surely dancing." Next time you're going through this set of exercises, report it.


It should be "will" when rendered into English, rather than "do". No kne talks like that in English. I'm a native English and Hebrew speaker (I'm here to improve Hebrew).


I made a typo: רוקת instead of רוקד, doulingo did not notice


This app has problems


Using "do" is very awkward English.


The problem with this in English is that "I do dance" suggests that I dance regularly. The only correct English rendition that makes sense here is "This time I AM dancing". Not "This time I'm dancing", as that omits the positive emphasis provided by כן. Not "this time I do dance" because that just sounds weird and un-English. Not "this time I will dance" because the Hebrew sentence uses present tense. The situation could be that I refused to dance up to now, but then the DJ put on my favourite song and I leapt onto the dance floor, saying "This time I am dancing."

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