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  5. "You are women."

"You are women."

Translation:אתן נשים.

June 23, 2016



Aten nashim.


Why נשים has a masculine looking plural ending? I would have expected something like נשות.


There are plenty of feminine nouns that have ים ending in plural, and also plenty of masculine nouns that have ות ending in plural. They are exceptions.

But נשות /neshót/ does actually exist. נשים is the absolute state and נשות is the construct state of the plural form. There is a TV Show called "Women of the night", which was translated as נשות הלילה into Hebrew.


My previous exercise started with גברים אתם and translated it as "You are men." So I followed that pattern and wrote נשים אתן. But this was marked wrong.


We have to understand that as in English We have (You) addressed to singular + an article (a - an) and (You) addressed to Plural (with no articles), there's a rule for the words You - Female plural form ( אתן ) and ( אתם ) You - male plural form. In the singular forms We have: ( אתה ) You male singular and ( את ) You female singular.


If I wanted to say to a group of men, "you are women" would i write אתם נשים, or אתן נשים? Or something else entirely?


If you address a group of men, you can say אתם only, not אתן. But why would you call them women?


Maybe I want to insult them. It's less about the reasoning, and more about trying to understand how the language works.

Thank you

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