"Ihre Schwangerschaft ist echt."

Translation:Her pregnancy is real.

January 29, 2013

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Sort of an odd combination. I'd think more like Your pregnancy is progressing well and Your diamond is real than your pregnancy is real.


Maybe she had a false pregnancy before... some women (and men!) believe there are pregnant and even exhibit signs of pregnancy like a big belly.

Ah duolingo! always making us think of crazy situations where sentences can actually make sense.


Yes, we always need a lot of criativity!


Can "echt" be used in the same manner as "wirklich," i.e. "Ja, wirklich!" "Ja, echt!"


Okay, even weirder situation...but can you say, "nein, seine schwangerschaft ist echt" and mean it sarcasticly. I only ask because (from personal eperience) some languages and cultures don't understand sarcasm

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