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  5. "What is this wallet made of?"

"What is this wallet made of?"

Translation:Z czego jest zrobiony ten portfel?

June 23, 2016



Z czego ten portfel jest zrobiony


Is word order fixed in Polish? I suggested "Z czego jest ten portfel zrobiony?" and was marked wrong.


I don't love it, but okay, added.


''Your proposition is quite ok, please report it."

Not fixed, but limited. Some options are considered to be better than others, some are considered styllistycally inferior, some plainly wrong.

Aha. One more thing. Polsh noun usually has got 7 cases x 2 numbers, that should be like 14 different forms. But usually it has less: for example: noga (a leg) has got 10 forms, so does list (a letter). Now imagine the sentence: Ala ma kota (Alice has a cat). „Mieć” (to have) requires accusative, and kot (nominative) is different than kota ( genitive and accusative). This theoretically enables us tu do whatever we like with the order.

Now second example: „List ma załącznik” (A letter has an attachement). But if we change the order we get „Załącznik ma list” (An attachment has a letter). This happens because in case of masculine inanimated the nominative = accusative.


Z czego ten portfel został zrobiony - sad face


Hmmm... no dobra, niech będzie.


Hmm, "z czego zrobiony ten portfel", Duolingo mówił że to tylko był literówką, ale jeszcze poprawne (zielone). Możemy tak rozmawiać?


OK, it took me a longer moment but I know why it was just a typo. One of the accepted answers is "Z czego zrobiono ten portfel", so an impersonal way of saying "What was this wallet made of?" - although if it was made of something, it's still made of it, of course ;) So that's just one letter away although it's very different.


Ah, super! Dziękuję jak zawsze :)


I wrote the sentence with zrobiony at the end and it was marked wrong although i see in other comments that structure should have been included now


What was your exact word order?


Z czego ten portfel jest zrobiony?


It's on the list of accepted answers, it should have worked :|

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