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  5. "My mom is calling me."

"My mom is calling me."

Translation:אמא שלי קוראת לי.

June 23, 2016



Any reason why this is in the infinitive section?


Note that it could be אמא שלי מתקשרת אליי as well, if it's by phone.


eema sheli koret li


Why not אותי?


Why not אימי קוראת אותי


Because certain verbs require certain prepositions. English pronoun "me" can be translated in many ways into Hebrew, לי and אותי being only two of several. After the verb קורא, if you want it to mean "call", you need to use לי - "calls me/is calling me". If you used את after this verb, it would imply "reading", which is another meaning of the verb. So, אמא שלי קוראת אותי would awkwardly translate to "my mom is reading me" as in I am the thing she is reading, not that she is reading to me.

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