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"אני רוצֶה לגור במדינה דוברת ספרדית."

Translation:I want to live in a Spanish-speaking country.

June 23, 2016



Creo muy sinceramente, amigo y compañero, que lo que dices es una grandísima y muy razonable idea.


about pronounciation: can במדינה be pronounced as both 'be-me-dina' or 'bi-mdina', and what is the difference?


In most cases, it's "be-". When the word starts with a Shva (like מדינה), it's "bi-". That should be the last of your worries, though – most Israelis (I'm guilty too) don't pay attention to this, and just say "be-"


Thanks. What's Shva?


A part of the Niqqud system. It indicates either a mute vowel (like the ס in סליחה) or an /e/ sound (like in מדינה).


What about "I want to live in a country that speaks Spanish"?


Either way makes it sound to me like the country itself speaks Spanish, but your way implies that much more strongly.


I wrote that, but was marked wrong.

I don't understand why it's otherwise.


I think your suggested translation means essentially the same thing as the Hebrew translation above, however, I think if you wanted to say more literally your sentence in Hebrew of "I want to live in a country that speaks Spanish", then the sentence would be written as "אני רוצֶה לגור במדינה שמדברת ספרדית". However, I am not a native Hebrew speaker, so it would be good to get confirmation from someone else concerning how to write what you have suggested.


Who can blame you?

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