"This is good."

Translation:זה טוב.

June 23, 2016

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PLEASE add sound to translation!


Pronounced "zeh tov"


If talking about a feminine noun, such as a cake, would you have to use "זאת טובה"? Or is it also acceptable to say "זה טוב" as a general statement?


As a general statement one would almost always say זה טוב. I would actually translate זאת טובה as "this one is good", to me it means you are speaking about something specific while maybe indicating it, and yes, a cake comes to my mind too. :-)


When should I use זא and when זה? How do I know if a word is masculine or feminine?


זה is masculine, and זו is feminine. Feminine nouns end in ה or ת, but there are exceptions. If a noun denotes a woman, it is feminine and if it denotes a man, it is masculine, like mother and father. Names of cities, countries, and languages are feminine no matter how they are spelled. Like in all languages, of course, you're just going to have to memorize the exceptions.


when to use tet and when to use tav???


You can notice repeating patterns here and there, but no general rules.


this app isn't letting me change the keyboard language! it' so annoying


You probably have it solved by now, but on my computer pressing the windows button and then the space bar changes the language from one to another.

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