"The man is happy."

Translation:הגבר שמח.

June 23, 2016

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Why does the hint says מאושר for happy, but is incorrect?


According to the incubator it's already accepted as a correct answer.


Okay, perfect! :)


I think that we usually use "מאושר" in another situations but its Should be also correct maybe report about it...


What is the pronounciation of הגבר?


The key is when the nikudot are present (you can find them in the google translator.) type in man--איש will come up, but in the alternatives, about the 4th down, under "noun" is גֶבֶר the vowel under each consonant is a "segol" pronounced ey, as in hey. a rule is that a double segol--or segolot as seen here, is pronounced in the rather un-Hebrew emphasis on the first syllable, hence GAY-veir, rather than gay-VEIR. Adding the ה doesn't change the strong emphasis on the GAY. so the whole thing is ha-Gay-veir. Keep the double segol in mind--it is VERY common in Hebrew--and you will always know how to pronounce it.


Dan, your examples are not correct. Segol was historically always a short vowel and it was never pronounced as "ey" - always as a short "e", like in the words "get" or "let". Tzere is the one that is sometimes pronounced as "ey" by the Ashkenazi Jews. The only correct pronunciation of the word גבר is "gever" with both vowels short and the stress on the first syllable.


How is מאושר pronounced?


I selected the word blocks "הגבר שמח" and I was told that another translation is "הגבר שמח"!


... that's weird, even by Duolingo standards...


It did it again, this time when I typed it. It looks like there might be two spaces between the words which is why Duolingo thinks it's different.


Oh, it's done that to me sometimes. It is weird about spaces.


Hi learners, what is the difference between איש וגבר?


Disclaimer: not a native. That said, to all intents and purposes, in my experience, there is none - they are interchangeable.


הגבר really means "the guy," rather than "the man."


No, הגבר and האיש both mean man.


What is the man? Isn't it האיש


I can't get to next level (food) because I can't fill in blanks from my keyboard. Help!


How do you write with Hebrew letters on a querty keyboard??? I'm stuck.


Albur_Godwin in (above) shows one way. Here is a link for adding a new language keyboard on windows:https://www.conversationexchange.com/resources/keyboard-language.php OR on Mac:https://finaldraftsupport.force.com/s/article/How-do-I-change-my-keyboard-language-input-Mac There are many websites that walk you through it. You can also do it on your phone. There will be an option somewhere that will show the new keyboard on the screen. There should also be instructions for alternating between keyboards with one or two key strokes, or clicking an icon on your task bar.


WHAT I PUT WAS THE EXACT SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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