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  5. "העתיד לא רחוק."

"העתיד לא רחוק."

Translation:The future is not far.

June 23, 2016



why was העתיד pronounced 'he-atid' and not 'ha-atid' here? when is ה pronounced as 'he' instead of 'ha'?


Ah, the beauty of changing initial letter again... there's a whole set of rules for the he of definition, just like for the vav of conjunction. I could explain if you like but in reality, nobody says it like that in daily conversation, only maybe if they are professional narrators on the radio or something. We say ha-atid.


I mastered those funny rules only to have to unlearn them when I speak to Israelis! It's a shame as I thought they would work with my plummy English accented Hebrew what, what...


I mastered the vav of conjunction and then humiliated myself on a daily basis until I unlearned it.


אני רוצה השבר.

דרך אגב, מה ההבדל בין "הסבר" ו"הסברה"?


Let's see if I can recall. When the word starts with ע or ח with the kamatz - עָ, חָ - the definite ה gets a segol הֶ. This also happens with words beginning with הָ, but only if the accent is on the first syllable. Really nobody bothers about this because we don't always know whether the nikkud is kamatz or patah or hataf patah, for example I remember it's הֶחָתול but הַחֲזיר.

l הסברה is more like a campaign to raise awareness, going on a civil term for propaganda.


Only, if the חָ does not carry the stress, you get the article הֶ־. Compare הָעִיר with הֶעָירִים!


"not far off" would be more natural


Ha'atid* lo rachok.

(*see comments above about "correct" pronunciation vs common/colloquial pronunciation).


He'atid, he'xaxam, he'harim...common words where the article is pronounced"he"


Another common one: hechaver, הֶחָבֵר

Here are 2 more, perhaps less-common, but from songs that might be familiar.
hechalutz, הֶחָלוּץ, from the song Zum Gali Gali:
hechalil, הֶחָלִיל, from the song of that name:

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I can see this future is right now, because Duolingo is always around.

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