I pad version

I have trouble with the iPad version of the duo lingo app. It seems to crash, and I need to refresh or start over. This never happens on my iPhone . I never signed up for the iPad app, but get emails reminding me of my daily challenges periodically. Anybody have this issue?

June 23, 2016


There is only 1 version for iOS devices so if you signed up for the iPhone app, you will automatically get this version for your iPad. It is possible that you have a dodgy WiFi and your iPhone is using the phone network for connection. Try deleting the app on your iPad and then re-install it from the app store. This has worked in several similar cases.

June 23, 2016

What operating system are you using on your iPad? When I upgraded to 9.3.1 I lost all ability to do practice sessions on tree, but can still access these formats and discussions. Apple says the issue is with Duolingo and a bug on their end. Duolingo's strength is not in consumer relations. We are not paying customers--just lucky subjects who can participate in their great language experiment.

June 25, 2016
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