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Finally Hebrew! It helps to have some knowledge beforehand....

After almost a year of waiting, we finally have a Hebrew course! תודה רבה Duolingo!

I'm enjoying learning faster than I ever did with other sites, but I do have to say: it helps to have a basic knowledge of Hebrew beforehand. While I was waiting for the course, I took the time to learn and become familiar with the Aleph Bet, as well as basic grammar (i.e. Pronouns, a Sentence structure, etc). This helped me IMMENSLEY when I started the course, as I didn't have to learn the Aleph Bet, or where certain keys where on the keyboard.

Here are some of the resources I used:

-HebrewWith Maha on YouTube


Aleph bet: Pt.1 - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L1le52XvHcY

Pt.2 - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYsaJcCj4ZA

These will help with the first few lessons. She teaches you the Aleph Bet and basics of grammar.

-StreetWise Hebrew Podcast on TLV1-

This podcast is awesome; it teaches you Israeli slang and how to use it. You can listen to all episodes for free at http://tlv1.fm/content/streetwise-hebrew/ , or subscribe to the podcast.


This is one that a lot of people seem to be using, it is every helpful, as it provides spelling and pronunciation help, as well as conversation examples.

So what about you? Did you have any previous knowledge of Hebrew? Did it help you when you started the course? Let me know in the comments!

June 23, 2016



I have done some lessons yesterday and today. It has been my very first ever experience with a non-latin alphabet.

At first it is something totally alien, to try to "read" some lines of strange symbols (and from right to left, go figure), but curiously enough, after doing, maybe 5-7 lessons, something happens in your brain and you start feeling more....comfortable, much less alien feeling.

After maybe one hour, you even become fond of these new symbols.

They even seem nice to you now.

It is incredible how fast the human brain can "adapt" to almost any pattern of symbols, any regularities it perceives.


I did have a certain knowledge of Hebrew before Duolingo. I tend to believe the fact I've been living in Israel for the last 25 years has contributed to it :)


הייתי אומר שהיתה לעובדה הזו תרומה מסוימת לכושר העברית שלי )


I didn't have any issues starting the course because I had already been immersed in the aleph bet and many words due to being in Israel many times. It would be a waste of time starting this course without at least some background in the aleph bet, and some time for it to sink in. I remember when it used to just be random lines and shapes that meant nothing to my brain just like Chinese or Russian does right now.

The moment it sort of "clicked" was when I was sitting eating falafel in Tel Aviv and was reading the sign of the falafel place, I put the letters "F-L-A-F-L" together and I realised how the word falafel is spelt in Hebrew. Once the aleph-bet actually meant something to my brain it was easy from then on.


I am so happy for the Hebrew! And thank you for the resources.


I knew the letters and a couple of words.

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