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  5. "У вас є дешева кімната?"

"У вас є дешева кімната?"

Translation:Do you have a cheap room?

June 23, 2016



"Inexpensive" should be accepted as a synonym for "cheap."


I just finished reading a lengthy explanation in a different sentence discussion as to why they won't accept inexpensive as a translation for дешева. According to a moderator, the Ukrainian team agrees that дешева means cheap with all the same negative connotations as the English word and, likewise, there is a more accurate word to indicate something is inexpensive.

Not expensive = не дорога

Do you have an inexpensive room? = У вас недорогая комната?

Apparently, the sentence (at the top of this page) is for people who specifically want to take a walk on the seedier side of life! ;)


does this structure work equally well when speaking to the desk clerk at a hotel and also for asking an acquaintance about his/her room?

[deactivated user]

    No, this works only when asking about a room at a hotel.

    «Є» emphasises the fact of existence, 'having'. You're not asking is they have a cheap room, you're asking if they have a cheap room. The main thing asked is whether they have a room or not.

    Since in the situation with an acquaintance you already know they have some room (after all, they live somewhere, right?), the main point of the question is whether the room they have is cheap or not. So, «є» is not the main point of the question, and «є» is not used when it's not the main piece of information.


    Now what if something is more abstract. Is this construction used if you want to ask "Do you have fun learning Ukrainian/languages? Do you have time to eat lunch? etc.

    [deactivated user]

      > Do you have fun learning Ukrainian/languages?

      Actually, I don't think Ukrainian has a direct equivalent of 'to have fun'. I'd ask something in the lines of «Вам подо́бається вивча́ти украї́нську/мо́ви?».

      > Do you have time to eat lunch?

      Yes, you definitely can say «У вас є час, щоб пообідати?»


      Byście dali sobie spokój z tym "a"


      Racja,można się zdenerwować :/ Niestety ani po ukraińsku ani po polsku nie ma odpowiednika angielskiego "a" :/


      To "a" jest potrzebne.


      W angielskim jest potrzebne, ale po polsku czy ukraińsku można się obyć bez niego (na moje szczęście, bo strasznie mi się to wszystko myli).

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