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  5. "המלך לא אוהב יין."

"המלך לא אוהב יין."

Translation:The king does not like wine.

June 23, 2016



"it is not for the kings, o lemuel, to drink wine.."


Where is that quote from?


The Bible. Proverbs 31:4


So, ך, כ, and ח are all the guttural "ch" sound?


The letter כ sometimes sounds like guttural "ch" and sometimes like "k". When there is punctuation, there should be a dot inside the כ if the sound of it is "k". The letters ך and ח are always sound like guttural "ch".


כּ, "kaf" with the "dot" in the middle and a "k" sound, usually appears at the beginning of a word. כ, "chaf", which is pronounced "ch" like in "loch" or the German word "ach", appears in the middle of words. ך is "final chaf" or "chaf sofit" and appears only as the final letter of a word. The sound is transliterated as either "ch" or "kh". I prefer "ch" because that spelling appears as a sound in words like "loch" and "Bach, ach, ich" that many people are already familiar with.


Could someone please tell me how the Hebrew word for 'like' is pronounced here?


It's extremely difficult to hear isn't it?


Yes,but once you hear these words repeatedly in other lessons you'll get used to it :)


Yes, but it can be very frustrating. I hope that when the course comes out of beta they are able to have the slowed down pronunciations like they do in other courses. I also find that having the pronunciations that are difficult to understand at first can lead to a misunderstanding of the correct pronunciations.


Compared to rapid Israeli speech, this is actually extremely clear. I say this as a beginner still.


I suppose so, but it seems in some cases it's as if they aren't even pronouncing certain words. I think that it would be more useful to start out with slower audio samples and speed them up as the course progresses.


Ha(the) melech(king) lo(does not) ohev(like) yain(wine)... Is this correct?


Exactly right.


is their a way to slow down the speakers word, so that i can hear the distinction of sounds?


I recommend this site for listening to Hebrew: https://forvo.com/languages/he/


What king doesn't like wine??


This is very difficult to learn. I wish Duolingo would provide basic lessons of each letter separately then combine them to teach words before phrases. It's basic lessons was too brief and did not provide me with the foundational knowledge to build on.


I am putting in the correct spelling and wording and it keeps telling me I have a wrong word. Please tell me if this is incorrect; המלך לא אוהב ''ן


That's incorrect; the proper spelling is יין, not ן''.


I thought א standing alone was pronounced 'a', why is it pronounced 'lo' in לא?


Because א is not a vowel but a consonant. Hebrew script is an abjad, not an alphabet, in the sense that it lacks vowels. However, in order to avoid ambiguous reading, א ,י ,ה ,ו can also be used to indicate a vowel. When א is used to indicate a vowel, it's usually /a/, but not always. In this case it is pronounced /o/.


Because of something called the Canaanite shift. Long a turned to long o, but the spelling stayed the same more or less. Compare Arabic لا (laa).


Because the niqqud will show that it is pronounced Lo, and this course teaches the modern way, without the training wheels of niqqud, which I think is lame. LOL


how old do u think the king is?


It's also really difficult to remember the pronounciation because all you have are words to learn the letters and no punctuation. That's what I miss most - the vowels.


the king does not lik


Where is the Hebrew alphabet located?


My answer looks to me just like the answer which is marked as incorrect and I don't understand why. I have tried this over and over and am at my wit's end. This is what I write: ''ן for wine, but it is always marked as incorrect. Why? What do I do?


It does not use the quote mark. Scroll up for more information.


מלר = مَلِك

(malik = melech)

The sounds are pretty similar between Arabic and Hebrew when expressing the "King".


Does not or doesn't means the same.


I got this twice in a row? :/


I put thw right answer and it made the sound it makes when you get somwthing wrong but it said correct answer but i lost my last heart


Please take a screenshot. I am suspecting though that maybe you were not supposed to translate for the exercise that you had. Perhaps you were supposed to listen and write it down, but, then they show you the translation anyway in case you want to know, even though the answer was the original sentence. Did they really use the words "correct answer" ?


This king really doesn't like wine, y'all

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