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6 bhotún choitianta sa nGaeilge

Interesting article about some common mistakes in Irish

It's very informative, and I find myself wanting to make some of them still, especially number 6. But that's why we need to learn native Irish idiom and not just assume it matches up with English. And here's a link to the topic being discussed on the Irish Language Forum which reveals even more information.

June 23, 2016



Much of what is cited as being incorrect in the above article would not be out of place in everyday speech.

That's not to say there is no value in knowing which is technically correct and incorrect, but some context is needed.


Really? Which ones are not out of place?

Most of the "ceart" cases are original, correct forms. The "mícheart" are mostly taken from English.


Tá sí pósta le beirt pháistí.

A native speaker could 100% say that and nobody would think it was strange. It's more common than the stated "correct" version.

MÍCHEART: Féachann na fuinneoga tosaigh amach ar an trá.

Déarfainn é sin níos túisce ná an foirm "ceart"

MÍCHEART: Bhí mé ag caint léi roimh na Nollag.

Deirtear é sin i gConamara.


Aontaím leat i gcás "roimh na Nollag", deirtear é sin i gCorca Dhuibhne leis, bhoil i bParóiste Múrach, ní deirtear é i nDún Chaoin.

An ndeireann sibhse an ginideach tr'éis "roimh" le gach focal i gConamara?

Ins na cásanna eile, Níl aon dabht ná go bhfuil an ceart agat, níl nósanna cainte Conamara fé réim agam faraor!

I dtaobh "Tá sí pósta", ní déarfadh cuid des na seanadaoine Muimhnigh é, mar ní chuireann an aidiacht bhriathair an foirfe in úil.

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Thanks for the link, very interesting as far as I understood.


Saved it for when I can read it :) Thanks.

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