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"There is no bread and there is no wine."

Translation:אין לחם ואין יין.

June 23, 2016



ואין כף...


Good reference :D


That's the last supper I'm going to with you, Josh.


this seems to make sense to non-native speakers


My answers are being marked as an error using my android phone with a Hebrew keyboard, but only on some words. יש often is marked wrong but not י with other letters. Can someone please recommend a playstore keyboard that works, or a way around this.it is not possible to continue with this broken. No one from the company has rrplied to my request for help... thank you


why is my translation imposible ?

אין לזה לחם ואין לזה יין.


It's just not Hebrew.


With "לזה" You are referring to who doesn't have the bread or the wine. ל-זה = to it It's like saying "it doesn't have bread and it doesn't have wine"


how to type in hebrew in english keyboard?


I still don't have a Hebrew keyboard.


I finally find a way to use the "add a language" in the apple system preferences and now can switch from English to Hebrew and vice versa on my English keyboard. תודה


I do not have access to the Hebrew alphabet on my MacBook


Here are two online sources to type Hebrew https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hebrew.htm https://www.branah.com/hebrew

I find the first one more convenient but I think the second one is a standard Israelit keyboard.


I'm unable to type in Hebrew so I chose "SKIP." But everytime I choose "SKIP," I'm stuck in the same place, unable to continue.


You can't skip writing exercises, only listening exercises. If you can't type in Hebrew now, you need to download Hebrew keyboard. Otherwise, you can't proceed.


Hi Danny: I HAVE a keyboard on my desktop but I cannot get to it when I'm working in Duolingo. If there's a way I could download a Hebrew keyboard every time I'm in Duolingo, I would, but the problem is I don't know how Can you tell me how to download a Hebrew keyboard so it would be accessible to me? Thanks. :-).


I cut and paste between the Hebrew keyboard and Duolingo. Lexilogos is pretty good but there are others if you'd prefer the Israelit layout or the YIVO Yiddish layout. https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hebrew.htm


Thanks! I'll give it a try! :-)


It really depends on what kind of computer you have. Cutting and copying from other sites is not the best solution, in my opinion, as it is time consuming and in the end, you don't know how to type in Hebrew.

If you have a windows system, and you have a Hebrew keyboard, then switching between keyboards is done by pressing ALT+SHIFT, so no need to download it all over again every time you practice. If you have a Mac, then you'd need to ask somebody else, since I'm not familiar with it.


Yes, I have a MAC desktop. But, thanks for your assistance.


Please allow phonetic spelling for the Hebrew words. I don't have a Hebrew keyboard. Each time, the program evaluates my answers as incorrect - just because I type the phonetic. WHY?


Well, you can't type in Latin letters, you need a Hebrew keyboard to proceed. Google it, how to download one for your device.


i do not know how to type hebrew stuff at all


I use this keyboard. Cut and paste the answers. https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hebrew.htm

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