"The hat and the pants are for him."

Translation:הכובע והמכנסיים הם בשבילו.

June 23, 2016

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ha-cová ve-ha-meekhnasáim hem beeshviló


Is הם optional here? My understanding is that a copula is used when there are two nouns on either side of the copula, but not used when there is a noun on one side and an adjective on the other. In this case, it's a prepositional phrase, so I omitted the copula. Which sounds better to a Hebrew speaker?


Afaik it's usually dropped in spoken language. It sounds very formal to use it.


Thank you. (What is afaik? I thought copula is אוגד in Hebrew)


afaik= As far as I know.


I know it’s way beyond the scope of what could be reasonably expected of the programming, but it sure would make me feel better if when appropriate, instead of saying “you used the wrong word” it could say “you need to work on your spelling.” I spelled two words wrong on this one but in my mind I was saying to myself the correct words. Sigh.

[deactivated user]

    מכנס = מכנסיים


    In my dictionary "מכנסיים" is written with just one yud?!


    Should be dual and not just plural (2 legs)

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