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  5. "אני קוראת עיתון."

"אני קוראת עיתון."

Translation:I am reading a newspaper.

June 23, 2016



Why not "I am reading newspaper"? That's how I wrote and it's "wrong".


because in English you have to say "a newspaper"or else it sounds weird.


Excellent!!! It's perfect with a woman's voice


Why not "I read a newspaper"?


"I read a newspaper" is also correct. There is no difference in Hebrew between the simple present and the present progressive or present continuous.


Anyone know of an english book of hebrew etymology? I am wondering if יתון comes from a cognate for "edition"....


Can't help with a book, but the answer to your question is easy: no )-: עיתון comes from עת /'et/ which is an ancient word for "time" (in modern Hebrew it's found in some idioms).


I have noticed that the narrators pronounce words with resh in it with a subtle 'weh' sound, for an example: קוראת/koweht. If this is the correct pronunciation is it then wrong to pronounce the resh with an emphasized r sound?


The /r/ sound is notoriously different in different languages. It's tricky even to try to transcribe what the Hebrew resh sounds to you in English. As a native Hebrew speaker, I hear a very clear Hebrew /r/ in the narrator's speaking (here, too), and it's very distinct from 'weh' (if anything, the English /r/ is much more similar to /w/).

So, that's how native Hebrew speakers pronounce it. Is it wrong to pronounce it differently? (You say "emphasized r", I'm not sure what that is, but suppose it's different). Depends on your definition of "wrong". You won't sound native, but if you're here taking this course than that cause is probably lost for you... You'll usually be understood with any kind of approximation, even remote. Being a country of immigrants, we're used to many different /r/s...


This lady's voice is too quiet.

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