"Мій брат дуже слабкий."

Translation:My brother is very weak.

June 23, 2016

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What's the difference between слабий and слабкий?


"Слабий" = 1) sick, 2) Who has little physical strength; the opposite is strong. 3) Which is not marked by firmness, resilience, strong-willed character. 4) Which does not have much power, authority, great influence of authority. 5) Insignificant strength, degree of manifestation. 6) Unconvincing, unfounded . 7) Which does not reach the required level of development; backward.

"Слабкий" - 1) has means (2, 3) of "слабий". 2) Insignificant strength, degree of manifestation. 3) Which has a small power, energy. 4) Imperfect in artistic terms. 5) Slightly stretched, screwed, etc. 6) Weak, unsaturated. 7) Leaky, soft (about soil, rock, etc.).


Він треба тренування. (правильно?)


Йому (dative) треба тренуватись. Йому потрібне тренування.


I wonder if this is where the English term "slob" comes from. "That man is very slobbish." In that case does the word слабкий also mean lazy or messy?


I read that as well, but I wonder if both words came from that same source.


I'm 99% sure that this similarity is purely coincidental

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