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  5. "זה שלי! לא שלךָ!"

"זה שלי! לא שלךָ!"

Translation:This is mine! Not yours!

June 23, 2016



Ok, a question about vowels. Do I have to include the vowel beneath the ך to make this correct? Or can it just be שלך?


you dont need vowels at all


I asked because it gave me the "Almost correct" message and indicated that I should have included it, which seemed weird to me.


Theyve thankfully changed this now so your answer shows as correct now. Was an issue elsewhere in the first week or two of the course as well but it's fixed now.


I assume the reason they put an emphasis on that is to make sure you get the difference between שלך (masc) and שלך (fem) which are written the same but pronounced differently. When we actually write in hebrew we just use שלך and the gender is normally obvious thanks to context.


Shouldn't "It's mine! It isn't yours!" be accepted as well?


That would be: "זה שלי! זה לא שלך!"


Zéh shelí! Zéh lo shelkhá/shelákh!


My answer is correct but it shows that it is wrong ?? The correct answergiven by you is exactly the same as my answer?

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