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  5. "אשמע את זה מחר, לא היום."

"אשמע את זה מחר, לא היום."

Translation:I will hear this tomorrow, not today.

June 23, 2016



‘Listen’ is a fine translation as well when we’re talking about actually spoken Hebrew. If I send a friend a YouTube link with some music they’ll more likely to say אֶשְׁמַע than אַַקְשִׁיב.


Yes, unfortunately you're right. For some reason the distinction between "listen to" and "hear" is very weak in many languages, not just Hebrew.


Is there a way to determine when to include the pronoun "אני" and when to leave it out?


As a rule of thumb, you must use אֲנִי in the present, but you may use it in the perfect or future for emphasis.


That's what I was taught, but the Tips and Notes say that we're supposed to include אני in the future (even though it's left out here), just like the third person pronouns. Is that simply wrong?


Well yes, the first singular of the future has the strongest affinity to put the personal pronoun: "With verbs already bearing a 1st or 2nd person affix, i.e. past and future tense verbs, the subject pronoun is omitted generally in formal usage and often in casual usage, except with the 1st person singular future" (Grammar of Modern Hebrew, Lewis Glinert §7.3.3)


Am I the only one who noticed that the audio is wrong on the first word? Could someone post the pronunciation of this sentence?


What is wrong with אֶשְׁמַע I will hear [eshma]? It continues אֶשְׁמַע אֶת זֶה מָחָר לֹא הַיּוֹם [eshma et ze makhar lo hayom].


Alinarj7. You right, l am also hear their mistake. I listened תשמע(tishma). And in the vocabulary write אשמע(eshma)


ami565107, I hear eshma, as intended. I wonder if you'll still hear a problem if you come back to it again, with more experience in the course. Sometimes we may hear a slight sound like a consonant when the person begins to speak, although I think that the initial vowel sound is clearly "eh" for eshma, rather than "iy" as in tishma.

2020-09-11 rich739183

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