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"אני לא לובש חולצות כתומות אף על פי שאני אוהב את הצבע הזה."

Translation:I don't wear orange shirts even though I like this color.

June 23, 2016



Could someone please walk me through the "אף על פי ש" part? :)


Can אף על פי be written without the following ש ?


I think this translation should be allowed as well: I don't wear orange shirts although I love this colour.


I think the reason "although" is not accepted is because אף על פי ש means "even though" or "despite" and carries the same implications of "despite the fact that", whereas "although" is closer to "however" or "on the other hand" - hope that makes sense/helps


The contributors seem not to agree with you, as "although" is now accepted.


I think this sentence is way too long to be transcribed, too many possibilities for mistakes. I'll be skipping it from now on.


It sure is a mouthful but that's no reason to give up. Sentences like this really challenge your skill. :)


start at the beginning and / or chop the sentence into 2 parts:

אני לא לובש חולצות כתומות /

/ אף על פי שאני אוהב את הצבע הזה

. you can then listen to the sound a few times and try to follow the sentence in its entirety (that's how I do it)


I see "even if" as synonymous with "even though," and think my answer should be accepted.


When usually A implies B, you could say "even though A, there was no B".

When usually A implies B, you could say "even if not A, there is still B".

It logically means the same, but has a different intention when used. So even is in my opinion a wrong translation


Ok, I had the same doubt. Thank you for your explanation. Though I am honestly pissed when I get the general sense of a hebrew sentence but fail to correctly translate it into english because of nuances that would be lost on a good number of native speakers (of English, i mean). I guess I need to have duolingo italy develop hebrew :D


The more people (especially those who pay for it, I imagine) who ask for learning Hebrew from their native languages, the sooner this will happen. I hope you get your wish.


אף על פי ש is three words and a preposition though, not merely a substitue for "even though". I would like to know what it really means.


It's a set phrase, that together means "even though". It's no longer obvious how it came to be, though in a parallel discussion page I tried my abilities in theorizing.


"orange" and "shirts" are not available, "olives" and "clothes" are the most close words...


Is שאני pronounced shani, or she'ani? The audio sounds like shani.


The latter. Although he does say it quickly, I hear "she'ani."

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