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  5. "האם זה בתוכנו?"

"האם זה בתוכנו?"

Translation:Is it inside us?

June 23, 2016





when and why is האם needed with זה, is it not redundant?


It's a question word that can be used whenever there are two options (in this case "yes" or "no"). But it's a little bit formal, so not always used in speech.


You can say this question (any question?) without האם but not without זה


Would "in us" work as well as "inside us"?


Can this mean "is it among us"? Like, "is the alien among us" or something?


Isn't the true infidel inside us?


I thought it said בתולנו


what is the meaning of this question, I raked my brain so hard trying to understand this


I'd say it applies for something like this (I know it's slightly outlandish, but it's the best I could think of! Lol):

Pretend you're at a party when somehow everybody simultaneously found out that the government just announced an urgent recall/public health scare for one of the food items everybody at the party had been eating.

The party host turns on the TV to find out why it was recalled, & somebody on TV says that it's because a few days ago, some odorless & tasteless but HIGHLY poisonous chemical somehow ended up being mislabeled at the plant, which meant it ended up in that food you all ate.

All the partygoers look at each other, & one of you says, "Is it/that (e.g. that horrible chemical) inside us?!" (Because you're all wondering if you did indeed truly just eat it, or maybe you're in disbelief that it's happening at all...)

Luckily, the host says, "Nope! Thankfully I purchased ___ a few weeks ago. So we didn't ingest any!"


It's not easy to come up with a usage scenario, but I can imagine a group of people seeking spiritual answers, asking "what is the source of our trouble? Is it inside us?" (Though in Hebrew הוא sounds a bit more natural than זה.)

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