"Mężczyzna ma jabłko."

Translation:A man has an apple.

June 23, 2016

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difrrance betwine maja and ma?


Conjugation of verbs.

mają = they have, ma = he/she/it has.

Because the form of the verb makes the pronoun usually obvious, we very often omit it.

Take a look at conjugation of this specific verb here.


Hi Marek. Your comments are very helpful, so could I suggest that you give full web addresses (that Duo automatically turns into links), as formatted links can't be used from the Android app. :)


Yes, I was informed about that some time ago and I started giving full web addresses. The aesthetic-loving part of me is in pain, but if it helps more people... ;)

The link above was https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mie%C4%87#Conjugation


Thanks. It's a great help to us app-users.


Is the pronunciation [jabko] of 'jabłko' correct? (I hear it so).


Yes, while Polish almost doesn't have silent letters, it is a bit too much to pronounce the Ł in "jabłko".


so are there definite and indefinite articles, or does it not matter? I'm just starting, but it seems random so far.


There are no articles in Polish. Both definite and indefinite are correct every time... well, unless one is incorrect or at least strange in English on its own.


I think that the article "the" can be skipped, and it is not a mistake. It didn't say anything about a specific man.


Then you can make it "A man", sure. But you definitely cannot 'skip' the article.

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