40 words you've probably haven't heard yet

I thought I might be fun to learn some words duolingo wont teach you. Slang and other common words.

1. Donken

Common slang word for McDonalds restaurant.

Vi käkade varsin cheeseburgare på donken.

2. Dygna

Slang from dygn. To stay awake for 24 hours.

Fan, inte kunnat sova inatt och ska upp klockan sju. Lika bra att dygna.

3. Aina

Derogatory term for police.

Synonyms: Snut, Bängen, Farbror Blå

Kom vi gittar, aina kommer!

4. Tjotahejti

A unknown place far away, also "Långtbortistan", "Faraway land". Though, can also mean the toilet. The expression "dra till tjotahejti" is a nice, "geeky" version of "dra åt helvete".

A shorter version, Tjotta strictly means toilet.

5. Buksvåger

Man who has done "grown up things" with the same person as another man. They are then "bugsvågrar". For girls, see Buksvägerska.

Tjena min käre Buksvåger!

6. Skolka

To skip school.

Jag orkar inte med skolan. Tror jag skolkar idag.

7. Bajsnödig

A person who feel a pressing need to do number two.

Synonyms: Skitnödig

Jag är bajsnödig!

8. Chilla

You can figure this one out. We just added a to the end.

Chilla, jag är på väg.

Hear it in use! Classic.

9. Slagga

Slang for "to sleep".

Synonyms: Knoppa

Äh, jag går och slaggar.

10. Knogmacka

A punch in the face. Knoge = Knuckle, Macka = Sandwich. Knuckle sandwich.

Skaru smaka knogmacka?

11. Jänkare

Comes from the english word "yankee". Slang for an American or american cars.

Såg du vilken fin jänkare?

12. Jycke

Slang for hund (dog).

Är det din jycke?

13. Möla

To eat alot of food or eat unhealthy snacks, preferably fast and alot.

Ikväll ska jag möla i mig massa chips och godis!

14. Brakskit

Loud fart.

Inga drog ner underbyxorna och släppte en brakskit så att fönsterrutorna skallrade.

15. Päron

Pears but also slang for parents.

Jag är på middag hos päronen.

16. Kirra


Synonyms: Fixa, Greja

Jag kan kirra lite dricka till helgen.

17. Finnpajsare

A person from Finland.

En finnpajsare äter semlor och surskorpor när en vattusvensk äter frallor och Finn-Crips.

18. Slöfock

Lethargic or lazy person.

Sätt igång och jobba, slöfock!

19. Kröka

Drink alcohol in large quantities.

Synonyms: Supa

Ikväll ska vi kröka som om det vore vår sista dag på jorden.

20. Kalaspingla

Attractive woman.

Kolla in kalaspinglan borta vid ingången!

21. Ynkrygg

A coward.

Mordet på Jesse James av ynkryggen Robert Ford

22. Ögonaböj

Right away, immediately.

Kom hit ögonaböj!

23. Skvallerkärring

Derogatory term for a woman that tells gossip.

Min granne en skvallerkärring av rang.

24. Skogstokig

Totally crazy. Really angry.

Kärringen är ju helt skogstokig!

25. Skrytmåns

Person who boasts alot.

Haha vilken skrytmåns.

26. Polare

Buddy, friend, pal.

Polaren Pär är kärlekskrank.

27. Retsticka

Person who is perceived as (extremely and deliberately) teasing.

Sluta! Din retsticka.

28. Lökring

Onion ring. Visible sweat stain under the armpit on the sweater or shirt.

Inga dåliga lökringar på gubben där borta.

29. Läskeblask


Nu skulle det sitta fint med en kall läskeblask!

30. Klumpeduns

(mild, often jokingly) Clumsy person.

Hörru din klumpeduns, ta det försiktigt.

31. Knegare

A worker.

Han är en riktig knegare.

32. Groggvirke

Non-alcoholic (usually) drink that you mix booze with when you prepare a grog.

Jag kirrar groggvirke till ikväll!

33. Jomenvisst

Composition of jo, men and visst.

Adverb: Absolutely, without a doubt.

Interjection: (Colloquial or ironic) positive answer to a question; ja

34. Dårfink

Crazy person.

Synonyms: Knäppgök, Knasboll, Tokstolle, Knäppskalle, Fåne

Akta dig. Hon är en riktig dårfink.

35. Fanskap

Object that the speaker is annoyed at.

Fanskapet vill ju inte starta!

36. Nyckelpiga


37. Kackerlacka


Det sitter en jättestor kackerlacka i badkaret och väser.

38. Avundsjuk

Jealous. Avund (Envy) + Sjuk (Sick).

Jag är avundsjuk på dig för att du får åka till Kanarieöarna!

39. Tjuv


Stoppa tjuven, död eller levande!

40. Pickadoll


Passa dig! Annars drar jag fram min pickadoll!

June 23, 2016


Detta är intressant, tack så mycket. :)

June 24, 2016

Så lite så :)

June 27, 2016

Thank you for this!

As for the word "polare", it makes me think of the proverb "golare har inga polare". The verb "gola" means "to tell on someone" or "to squeak", so it's the Swedish equivalent of "snitches get stitches". :p

June 27, 2016

tack så mycket jag behovde något såsom detta

June 25, 2016

Thanks a lot! :-) My favourites are knoppa, klumpeduns and nyckelpiga.

June 26, 2016

No problem! They are good ones! Nyckelpiga is literally Nyckel (Key) + Piga, originally another word for girl, later a girl or woman who worked in home or farm

June 27, 2016

Dang, I should have picked up on that. The Finnish equivalent, piika, derives directly from the Swedish word.

June 28, 2016

Nice, didn't know that. I see swedish and finnish have loaned some words for each other. Finnish has loaned over 4000 apperantly according to that article.

I had no idea swedish loaned poika (pojke) for example. But it seems like must words finnish loaned are just slang, according to that article.

Also, I hope to see Finnish on duolingo in the future! Big fan of oldskool finnish hiphop, like Ceebrolistics, although no idea what they say.

June 28, 2016

I assumed the pojke-poika thing to be the other way round, but cool. Yep, they share a surprising amount of vocabulary, which might not always look the same but you really hear the similarity in the rhythm of the word, for example. It's more dialect than slang. The western dialects have more Swedish influence than the others, mine being one of the most Swedishified ones there are.

June 28, 2016

Yep, there are a lot of mostly Swedish speaking towns on the west coast. And all of Åland of course. Swedish is indeed mandatory, but I think it should be, too, since it's the second official language. I personally always enjoyed it, thus I am still continuing it after school. :)

I can't really thank you for Pewdiepie. I hope you understand me.

June 28, 2016

I see! Interesting, I've heard Vaasa has alot of Finns that also speak swedish. I also heard swedish is mandatory in finnish schools which of course most kids dont like. Sorry about that. Should be optional. But, I wish we had the same here. Obligatory finnish. When I was a kid. I would've have loved to learn finnish in school so I can talk with the people of east sweden in their mother tongue as we jokingly call finland here.

Also, thank you for Hydraulic Press Channel

June 28, 2016

Glad you enjoy it. Yeah, lets not talk about Pewdiepie...

June 28, 2016

They are singing (or well, rapping, talking, whatever term you use!) about some nice things they do on a nice day. :D

June 28, 2016

Kiitos :) I like it

June 28, 2016

Thanks for your explaination. :-)

In Germany there is a sweet called 'Knoppers'. When I read about 'knoppa' my first thought was that the inventors of the name Knoppers for sure spoke Swedish. :-)

June 28, 2016

Looks like a sweet of my taste! Waffer and chocolate (at least it looks like it)

Now, hearing german always reminds me of Der Schlangemann NSFW, which I thought was hilarious when I was young. Made by two swedes.

June 28, 2016

They're absolutely fantastic! When I am having one I usually remove the waffers on top first, then the chocolate cream middle so I can have that absolutely fantastic white creamy bottom layer on its own. Unfortunately I know the relation between sweets and heart attack, so I don't have them that often... :-(

I will never understand how male brains work... When I was young Barbie was like this: :-)

June 29, 2016

I use chilla a lot xD

June 27, 2016

I use chilla, kul, fint and now tydligen-obviously

June 28, 2016
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