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  5. "שני ילדים הולכים בדרך."

"שני ילדים הולכים בדרך."

Translation:Two children are walking on the way.

June 23, 2016



why do you write שני and not שניים? When do you write one and when the other?


When it is before the noun being described it's שני.


I am using a samsung cell phone and i am trying to find the tips which comes with lessons. Do you know where i can find them on the screen? Thanks a lot in advance


Hiya, it doesn't matter what your device is or your operating system (OS). In your case, it's Android (I'm also using a Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet). What matters is you can't find it in the app.

There's three ways you can find it:

organized by skill in one pdf for the whole course: https://www.docdroid.net/JnfmyEV/tipsnotesbackup.pdf

Replace your username where mine is for information on your progress AND the tips and notes, etc: https://duome.eu/teribleteri/progress

Or by using the duolingo website, under each skill, once you click on the circle there's a lightbulb icon that has the tips and notes for each section. (the website works best in Desktop view) but your browser doesn't matter! The desktop view (only) also shows the searchable discussions in Duolingo, but it doesn't have the Hebrew (and other language) clubs that the app does. You can use either or both (website and app).

(if you haven't read, there's also a companion course: (All the words with audio) Hebrew Duolingo vocab on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/


Thank you. Peace on you and all the best.


Why not "on a road"?


Probably a word by word translation. In Hebrew we say על הדרך which means on the road.


Also wouldn't it be " 'the' road" ? He said baderech. Anyway, in English we say walking IN the road). In Hebrew what do you use?


What's the difference between שתי and שני


why isnt walks accepted? is walking means the same thing as walks..


What does 'on the way' refer to in this sentence?

[deactivated user]

    Way = Road


    I wrote: both children are walking in the road.

    Why is this wrong?


    "both children" would be שני הילדים.

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