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"I know who gives him the bag."

Translation:Tôi biết ai đưa cho anh ấy cái túi.

June 23, 2016



Toi biet ai dua cai tui cho anh ay. Should be correct


I also think that should be correct. Why isn't it? And why is one response dua cau not dua cho?


Cú pháp tiếng Việt : (ai) đưa (cái gì) cho (ai). Vậy đáp án của bạn đúng hơn đáp án của Duo ! Your answer is more correct than that of Duo !


Indeed, can a native speaker confirm whether "Tôi biết ai đưa cái túi cho anh ấy" is a correct way to say it or not (and if it is correct, does it mean exactly the same as "Tôi biết ai đưa cho anh ấy cái túi."?).


What's the difference between just saying cho or saying dua cho.

  • If you just say "cho" it means you want to offer somebody something as a present.
  • You say "cho" or "tặng" to someone who is equal or younger than you.

  • You say "biếu" to someone is older than you (who is the same age with your granddad, your grandma, or your dad, your mom).

  • When you say "đưa cho", it means you want to give somebody something, you want to transfer something from your place (or original place) to someone's place.

    Ex: He gives her the bag = Anh ấy đưa cho cô ấy cái túi (He transfers the bag from his place (or original place) to her place.)


It's rejecting 'cho'...please fix this.


Why is cái required here but the reference to "the book" only a few questions ago was marked wrong for using it? I'm still very confused about its usage

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