"I know who gives him the bag."

Translation:Tôi biết ai đưa cho anh ấy cái túi.

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What's the difference between just saying cho or saying dua cho.

2 years ago

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  • If you just say "cho" it means you want to offer somebody something as a present.
  • You say "cho" or "tặng" to someone who is equal or younger than you.

  • You say "biếu" to someone is older than you (who is the same age with your granddad, your grandma, or your dad, your mom).

  • When you say "đưa cho", it means you want to give somebody something, you want to transfer something from your place (or original place) to someone's place.

    Ex: He gives her the bag = Anh ấy đưa cho cô ấy cái túi (He transfers the bag from his place (or original place) to her place.)

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Toi biet ai dua cai tui cho anh ay. Should be correct

1 year ago


I also think that should be correct. Why isn't it? And why is one response dua cau not dua cho?

6 months ago
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